Square Mile is an independent investment consulting and research business that works in partnership with financial advisers, wealth managers, investment platforms and life companies, to provide tailored investment services.

We believe that in-depth, independent qualitative fund research is the best indicator of a fund’s ability to meet its objectives. Our research is designed to form a solid foundation for tailored client investment propositions and recommendations, and our business model is driven by the needs of investors and their advisers.

Square Mile’s experienced team of investment professionals understands the factors that drive the investment industry and affect investors. Our investor-focused business model and outcome-driven, risk-based approach provide us with the flexibility to keep pace with long-term regulatory and industry changes.


Broomer's Blog

Taking the P

Arguably bond investors are more logical and technical in their approach than many equity investors. This reflects the mathematical disciplines required...

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It’s Just Too Much

The recent announcement that Tata Steel is looking to pull out of the UK, which places the loss making Port Talbot at risk, has understandably made the...

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Outlook Update

Markets started the year on the wrong foot, spiralling lower through both January and February. While the magnitude of the falls in stockmarkets was little...

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The latest in our series of Talking Point educational videos features Victoria Hasler, Head of Research, talking about risk. Our full range of Talking Points is available on our videos page along with Talking Factsheets and Fund Snapshots, using the link below. Look out for more over the coming months.

Latest Insights

Income from Covered Call Strategies

As it is widely known, in recent times interest rates around the world have been reduced to record low levels. This has consequently driven down the yields...

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Changes to the management of the Jupiter Japan Income Fund

Square Mile have today suspended their A rating on the Jupiter Japan Income fund following the announcement that the manager, Simon Somerville has left...

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