About Us


Square Mile is an independent investment research business that works in partnership with regulated professional financial services firms. We help advisers to develop informed investment recommendations so that, with their support, their clients can make the decisions that are right for them.

Focusing first and foremost on in depth, qualitative fund research, we provide tailored support and investment services for financial advisers, institutions and asset managers.

For Financial Advisers

For Financial Advisers we offer governance and support in the design and maintenance of centralised investment propositions. We also offer model portfolios either on an advisory basis or on a discretionary basis through our regulated subsidiary Square Mile Investment Services Limited. We are able to provide support on a sub-advisory basis to organisations that have their own discretionary permissions.

For Wholesalers (Life Companies and Savings Platforms)

We provide strategic consulting as well as governance and support in the design and maintenance of centralised investment propositions for wholesalers operating in the adviser and the direct-to-consumer markets. This includes current propositions, legacy business and the design of future offerings.

For Asset Managers

We provide services to asset managers. Asset managers can license the output of our research by subscribing to a marketing licence. This enables them to reproduce our ratings and factsheets in their marketing, sales and information provision. Asset managers are not obliged to subscribe to marketing licences. We research funds from across the open-ended fund universe. As at the end of 2016, Square Mile had assessed funds from 125 asset managers active in the UK. Less than 40 asset managers subscribe to a marketing licence.

Our Research

For us there is only one way to deliver rigorous and insightful qualitative research and that is to invest in professional, qualified and experienced people. For this reason alone we have built one of the strongest and most respected qualitative investment research teams in the UK. Our analysts focus on investment research and meet regularly with fund managers to understand how those managers work, how they think and how they react to markets. We listen, we observe, we test, we challenge, we discuss, we deliberate and we form opinions. Finally, we publish our research and our views. These are based on clearly articulated outcomes and objectives, from which adviser firms can identify suitable funds to meet the needs of their clients.

We hope the result of this work is evident in our Academy of Funds. The Academy includes active and passive open-ended funds drawn from across the whole market, which are regulated or recognised by the FCA and available for sale to UK retail investors. The Academy is free to access for adviser firms and if you have not yet registered we would invite you to do so by clicking here.

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