The link to this article contains one of the best descriptions I have read of how the crypto currency market is structured and how it may develop. For those interested in the subject, I strongly recommend it.

I have not met with the authors nor for that matter with anyone from the Australian based Platinum Asset Management. The firm does not have any funds readily available for sale in the UK. The Platinum website has developed enormously over the years and the insights section is well named. The firm's principal, Kerr Nelson, was recommended to me by an old colleague and I have kept an eye on his views ever since. Over the years, Kerr's reports on his flagship international fund have provided me with many useful snippets and observations.

I like to gain information from a diverse range of informed sources. Aussie based investors are of course well sited to view Chinese demand for raw materials. Their perspective on global affairs as a result can sometimes differ from more European or North American centric investors.