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It’s Just Too Much

The recent announcement that Tata Steel is looking to pull out of the UK, which places the loss making Port Talbot at risk, has understandably made the headlines. What hasn’t made the headlines however is the vast size of the gulf between global steel supply and demand. To close this gap, it would not only require the closure of this plant, but also, the equivalent of all the capacity from Japan, America and Germany. 

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Outlook Update

Markets started the year on the wrong foot, spiralling lower through both January and February. While the magnitude of the falls in stockmarkets was little different to that experienced during last year’s short lived summer sell off, on this occasion the declines were corroborated by moves in credit and government bond markets. This could indicate that all is not well in the global economy but as yet, there is little confirmatory evidence to support the view that economies are sinking into recession. As Nobel Laureate Paul Samuelson once quipped, “stockmarkets have predicted nine out of the last five recessions”. Fingers crossed, this will prove to be another false alarm.

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