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From the monthly archives: June 2016

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Outlook – 16th June 2016

Yet again economists find themselves paring back their forecasts as economies defy even their modest growth expectations. The US Federal Reserve has once again deferred lifting interest rates and tellingly, this was a unanimous decision across the FOMC. Yellen is still talking about two rate rises this year; in contrast the market isn’t even fully pricing in one. There has been much talk in the British press about falls in gilt yields being related to Brexit. It would be fatuous to suggest that US Treasury and German bund yields have also fallen on Brexit concerns. Bond yields are merely reflecting the dreary outlook for growth. 

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When the FT Hits the Funny Bone

As part of our monitoring of economic financial conditions, I keep a brief diary of events gathered from the FT, and occasionally other sources. Some of the quotes stick out like a ray of sunshine on a cold summer’s day.

May 2012 “Like some dreadful joke, the euro needs French reform, German extravagance and Italian political austerity”

November 2012 “The best that we can say about the EU being awarded the Nobel Peace Prize is at least it didn’t get one for economics”

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