Introducing the Fund Dashboard

Square Mile has partnered with FE fundinfo to launch the Fund Dashboard, an easy-to-interpret overview of core fund information designed to help assess a fund's ability to meet client's investment objectives. Combining Square Mile's qualitative fund research with FE fundinfo's quantitative analysis, the Fund Dashboard aims to deliver a significant amount of fund data in a simple and intuitive format.

The Fund Dashboard provides an interactive interface offering a snapshot of five key fund elements that are considered when selecting investments. Behind each of the five elements is a deeper analysis and insight that can support informed decisions. The five pillars within the Fund Dashboard are:

    1. Opinion: A combination of qualitative and quantitative assessment of a fund’s ability to meet its objectives through Square Mile’s ratings and FE fundinfo’s Crown Fund ratings respectively.

    2. Performance: A representation of a fund’s absolute annualised return over 3 years, or since inception if the fund’s history is shorter. If the primary output is income, the fund’s current yield is shown instead. In addition, the fund’s success is shown as a percentage of time the fund has achieved its investment objective or Square Mile’s expected outcome over the stipulated time frame.

    3. Risk: An assessment of the risk of the fund and the asset class in which it invests as well its Synthetic Risk and Reward Indicator (SRRI) profile. The fund’s maximum drawdown during the last 3 years or 1 year if the fund has a shorter history.

    4. Cost: An overview of the fund’s ongoing charges, its ex-ante transaction costs and the total cost of ownership. The ongoing charge and transaction costs are sourced from the European MiFID Template (EMT), provided by fund managers’ data teams to FE fundinfo. The comparison as illustrated by the value-o-meter shows funds in the same peer group on a like for like basis i.e. active vs. active and passive vs. passive.

    5. ESG credentials: An assessment of ESG credentials at a company and fund level based on Square Mile’s ESG Integration assessments. These are expressed by one of seven grades to reflect this level of ESG Integration.

The Fund Dashboard is displayed alongside each fund within Square Mile's free-to-access Academy of Funds. Each Fund Dashboard will be reviewed monthly with data updated on the 16th day of each month, or the nearest working day.

An example of the Fund Dashboard:

Stewart Investors Asia Pacific Leaders B Acc GBP Fund Dashboard Example

Image is for illustrative purposes only.

The Fund Dashboard is currently available for all funds rated by Square Mile. To view the Fund Dashboard for each rated fund, visit our Academy of Funds.

To find out more about the Fund Dashboard, read our FAQ.

For more information behind each element of the Fund Dashboard, see the relevant methodology below:

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