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The Big Question: Value vs. growth, does style matter?

17 Aug, 2020 | Return|

In the second edition of The Big Question, Square Mile’s newest video series focussing on the hot topics of the moment, we are tackling the ongoing debate within the industry aiming to answer the question, does style matter?

Square Mile’s Senior Investment Consultant, Jake Moeller, is discussing value versus growth with Nick Kirrage, Fund Manager and Co-Head of Value at Schroders, and Laurence Taylor, Portfolio Specialist of Equity at T Rowe Price. In this video, they explore these management styles, which underpins their processes, and whether the great debate risks oversimplifying the drivers of share prices for investors.

We covered a lot with Nick and Laurence, please use the Chapter icon on the player below to easily navigate through the questions that were covered throughout the video.


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