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The FCA: What do the new regulations mean for advisers?

25 Jan, 2022 | Return|

"In many respects, ESG is already in scope when advisers give investment advice. Under existing rules, firms have to act in a client’s best interest and collect all necessary information to understand the client’s investment objectives. In that context, suitability, within our conduct of business rules, already requires the consideration of ESG preferences. The rules set out the objectives that a firm is required to consider but this is not intended to be an exhaustive list."

At our most recent Responsible Pathway event, focusing on what the new developments in regulations around Responsible Investment mean for advisers, we were joined by Mark Manning, Technical Specialist, Sustainable Finance and Stewardship at the Financial Conduct Authority.

In this session, Mark covers the UK Government's Roadmap to sustainable investing, from the key regulatory drivers of change to the possible approach to product classification.

Watch the full session below:


To hear more insights like this, join us at our final Responsible Pathway event taking place on the 22nd of February. For more information, and to register, click here.  


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