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Adviser's Responsible Investment FAQ answered

28 Feb, 2022 | Return|

At our latest Responsible Pathway event, industry experts Jeremy Lawson, Chief Economist and Head of abrdn Research Institute at abrdn, Katherine Magee, Investment Specialist, AM Solutions at J.P. Morgan Asset Management and Graeme Baker, Portfolio Manager at Ninety One answered some of the key questions we are hearing from advisers and their clients surrounding sustainability:

  1. How do you outline the differences between sustainable and impact?

  2. What reporting do you produce or intend to produce to help advisers and their clients to understand the impact of the portfolio they are investing in?

  3. What role does impact investing play in energy transition and what do you look for to evidence this impact?

See their responses below:


Question 1: Jeremy Lawson



Question 2: Katherine Magee



Question 3: Graeme Baker 



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