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The role of thematics in a responsible portfolio

06 Jul, 2022 | Return|

“How much money we need to invest to get ourselves to Net Zero by 2050 ranges from $140 to $250 trillion. That is about $5-$6 trillion of investment every single year in order to decarbonise the economy. To put that into perspective, currently we spend about $5 trillion a year on all of technology – semiconductors, hardware, software, AI, virtual reality, all of technology.”

Thematic investing is an approach which focuses on the long-term driver and trends, rather than specific sectors or companies. From a responsible investment perspective, this really means investing in companies whose goods and services are enabling a more sustainable and inclusive world. As interest and demand for responsible thematics has grown over recent years, we explore how these portfolios differ, what drives these decisions and what opportunities this style of investing offers.

At our recent Responsible Pathway event, we heard from three industry experts - Markus Peters, Senior investment strategist—fixed income at AllianceBernstein, Katherine Magee Executive director at JP Morgan Asset Management and Simon Gottelier Senior portfolio manager at Natixis Investment Managers. Listen to the full panel below, where they discussed:

  • What responsible thematics means and its role in a diversified portfolio.

  • How they determine a theme and ensure securities are aligned.

  • The role of the UN SDGs in this approach and tackling greenwashing.

You can listen to the panel discussion below, or through Spotify and Apple Music.


In summary: Katherine, Markus and Simon shared their key take-away from the session, take a look below.


Katherine Magee, JP Morgan AM



Markus Peters, AllianceBernstein



Simon Gottelier, Natixis Investment Managers


For more insights from the Responsible Pathway Live event, take a look below, and if you have any questions or would like more information, please do not hesitate to contact us.



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