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What does responsible investment mean in practice?

05 Jul, 2022 | Return|

“This is about embedding the interest of society alongside the interest of investors. Companies that abuse the environment, treat staff poorly, damage the fabric of society, will, in a timeframe, be challenged by the regulators and deserted by customers. Therefore, considerations of these material factors must be part of any credible long-term investment research process.”

Despite the challenges responsible investment funds have faced in the half of 2022, interest and demand has not waned. In this panel from Responsible Pathway Live, we explored what responsible investment looks like in practice, how to identify the right securities, the role of metrics in understanding sustainability, engagement in sovereign bonds and more. Hear from our three experts:

  • Brunno Maradei, Global head of responsible investment at Aegon Asset Management

  • Ella Hoxha, Senior investment manager at Pictet Asset Management

  • Marianne Harper Gow, ESG specialist at Baillie Gifford

You can listen to the panel discussion below, or through Spotify and Apple Music.


In summary: Brunno, Ella and Marianne also shared their key take-away from the session, take a look below.


Brunno Maradei, Aegon Asset Management



Ella Hoxha, Pictet Asset Management



Marianne Harper Gow, Baillie Gifford


For more insights from the Responsible Pathway Live event, take a look below, and if you have any questions or would like more information, please do not hesitate to contact us.



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