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Talking With Hendrik Du Toit

30 Aug, 2022 | Return|

In the 91st interview of the Talking With series, we were delighted to be joined by Hendrik Du Toit, Founder and CEO of Ninety One. Hendrik joined Richard Romer-Lee, Square Mile's Chief Executive Officer, for a candid conversation on his career so far, his biggest inspirations who have helped him along the way, and what is next for Ninety One. In this four short videos, Richard and Hendrik discuss:

  • How he started in asset management and the journey of Ninety One over the past 30 years. 

  • The shift towards responsible investing and what this means for investors.

  • The role of active management, navigating the current market environment and the growth in private markets.

  • His biggest inspiration and advice to the next generation.

You can read the interview here, or watch the full conversation in the videos below:

30 years of Ninety One

Hendrik shares is journey in asset management, from setting up Investec Asset Management to the success of Ninety One over the past 30 years.

Navigating responsible investment

We're in the midst of a sustainability revolution, Hendrik discusses the implication for investors and guarding against greenwashing.



Market volatility and active management

Richard and Hendrik talk about investing in a world of change, navigating the current market environment and the role of active management.

Hendrik’s words of wisdom

We hear about who inspired Hendrik, the advice he would give younger people starting their careers and what is in store for the next 30 years.




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