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Behind the Screens: 9 themes of sustainability

12 May, 2023 | Return|

"Longer term, the International Energy Agency (IEA) is expecting 35% of global car sales to be electric compared to the previous forecast of 25%. In the meantime, we are seeing increased competition in the EV market [...] and so we see the EV market as a very attractive long-term growth market."

Although last year proved a challenging year for sustainable investment strategies, with the market environment not favouring them as it has done before, long-term sustainable funds continue to peak investor interest, attracting £4.1billion in Q1 2023, according to data from Refinitiv Lipper.

This week, Jock Glover was joined by Ty Lee, one of the Fund Managers of the FP WHEB Sustainability fund, which has received a Responsible AA and 3D Gold rating. In this short episode, Ty shares how the team at WHEB are capturing sustainability growth in their portfolio, from clean energy and transport to safety and education, before arguing why electrifying big industries could be a game changer and the growth in the EV market is one to watch.

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Don't have time to listen to the full episode, jump to your favourite part:

  • 1:10 - Should investors be concerned after 2022's performance of sustainable funds

  • 3:30 - How the team at WHEB split their time as co-fund managers
  • 7:30 - WHEB's 9 themes of sustainability

  • 9:10 - Industry game changers and future opportunities

  • 13:50 - An interesting statistic from the week

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