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A Spotlight On: Fixed Income

21 Jul, 2023 | Return|

In this month's 'A Spotlight On' panel, Eduardo Sanchez, Associate Research Director – Fixed Income, Alternatives & Multi-Asset, was joined by Harry Richards, Jupiter Asset Management, Natalia Krol, Barings and Stephen Snowden, Artemis Fund Managers.

Here's what we covered:

  • What's the view on the UK fixed income market relative to Europe and USA?

  • Which regions currently have the best opportunities?

  • What is your opinion on China's growth versus other Emerging Market countries?

  • How has inflation, interest rates and central bank action impacted fixed income funds?



Disciplined and flexible

UK Inflation - what happens next?

Emerging Market Debt opportunity

Take a look at the Talking Factsheet for the Jupiter Corporate Bond fund to learn more about the investment philosophy and how the team seek to generate alpha.

Stephen Snowden, manager of the Artemis Corporate Bond fund, says now is the time to lock in high bond yields. Read the full article below. The AA-rated Barings EM Debt Blended Total Return fund is best ideas fund designed to benefit from the best opportunities available across the emerging market debt asset class.


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