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A Spotlight On: Sustainability

17 Oct, 2023 | Return|

"The power of remittances: Each year, 1 billion people send around $800 billion back to their home nations. This money is used for the necessities like food and shelter, but it is also estimated that around 25% of remittances are used for educational costs - so they are helping to transform the prospects of the next generations. Finding a way to invest in companies that support remittances being sent more efficiently, safely and cheaply it is a powerful way to support change."

It was another panel packed full with interesting insights for our 'A Spotlight On' series! Jock Glover was joined by Vicki Bakhshi (Columbia Threadneedle Investments), Rosie Rankin (Baillie Gifford), and Matt Evans (Ninety One) to answer: 

  • What are the opportunities and the risks of the SDR for clients?

  • It’s easy to judge financial performance of an investment but what are useful metrics in judging sustainability? 

  • What are the opportunities in sustainable investment?




Positive Change Fund

Ninety One UK Sustainable Equity Fund Columbia's Responsible Investment Conference

We believe this fund is currently one of the most attractive responsible fund offerings in the market. Baillie Gifford has clearly put a lot of thought, effort and resources into this product.

The manager wanted to provide investors with access to a fund which is directly contributing to a more sustainable future, as well as delivering outperformance of its benchmark over the long term -  we firmly believe that he has successfully achieved this goal. What's the current state of play? And how should we – as stewards of clients' capital – think about responsible investment and its role in delivering the best outcomes for our clients?


You can watch our full 'A Spotlight On' series here.


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