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A Spotlight On: Searching for income

20 Nov, 2023 | Return|

“I can’t think of a worse time to go to cash. I think we are suffering from a large case of money illusion. Anyone with a 3-year time frame to go to cash here has to believe that it is going to be the longest and deepest bear market in history.”

In this month’s 'A Spotlight On’ session, Daniel Pereira, Investment Manager at Square Mile, was joined by Mike Clements (Downing Fund Managers), Ajay Dayal (Clearbridge Investments, Franklin Templeton) and David Jane (Premier Miton) for a discussion on the search for income.

A huge debate recently has been that if investors can get 5% from cash in the bank, is it worth taking the risk in financial markets? In this panel discussion, the experts looks to answer the above question, as well as:

  • Based on the current market backdrop, do you think that we are now structurally in a higher rate environment and what are the inflationary effects on income?
  • Do you think you can get a decent income stream from a passive strategy?
  • Which areas of the market are you currently avoiding?




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Premier Miton Cautious Monthly Income fund

Why stock pick in Europe? Investing in infrastructure

We have a high regard for this focused and stable team. They have an excellent appreciation of the outcomes that investors seek and this diversified, income-seeking fund, has a strong record of meeting its income objective since the team took responsibility for the fund.

Mike Clements and Pras Jeyanandhan, Fund Managers of the VT Downing European Unconstrained Income Fund, share why they think now is a great time to be stock picking in Europe. Join Shane Hurst, Portfolio Manager of the ClearBridge Infrastructure Strategies and Ajay Dayal, Client Portfolio Manager of ClearBridge Investments for a Q&A session.


You can watch our full 'A Spotlight On' series here.


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