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A Spotlight On: Global Equities

25 Jan, 2024 | Return|

In 2023, at times, the markets seemed desperate to cling to good news - such as the possibility of central banks cutting interest rates. However, equity markets overall experienced positive returns. The MSCI, for example, produced almost 25% growth.

There were two other notable characteristics of 2023’s performance:

  • Firstly, the strong rally in November and December contrasted with earlier months’ downturns.
  • Secondly, there was a large amount of volatility spurred on by short-term factors - for example, the US banking crisis in March 2023.

Market concentration along with AI were two other themes that the market fixated on in 2023, which also brought challenges such as the valuations of prominent stocks like the Magnificent Seven.

In this month's 'A Spotlight On' session, Ajay Vaid, Senior Investment Research Analyst, was joined by Murdo MacLean (BNY Mellon Investment Management), Ian Mortimer (Guinness Global Investors) and Diana Philip (Baillie Gifford) to discuss the potential opportunities for Global Equities in 2024. Watch the full panel discussion below:



 Baillie Gifford Positive Change fund

Has the luxury market peaked?  

We believe this fund is currently one of the most attractive responsible fund offerings in the market. It has a well-defined and distinctive investment process for companies it seeks to invest in and places a strong emphasis on both returns and providing a positive impact over the long run. 

Walter Scott client investment manager George Dent considers whether growth in the luxury goods market has slowed.  


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