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Approaching ESG

25 Mar, 2024 | Return|

ESG considerations are increasingly seen as a hygiene factor in many investment managers’ decision-making processes. At Amati Global Investors, ESG matters have long been considered in the research process and, at some level, there is engagement on some aspect of ESG during almost every interaction with investee or potential investee companies.

Square Mile’s Research Director, John Monaghan, speaks with Dr Paul Jourdan, Amati’s CEO and manager of the A-rated WS Amati UK Listed Smaller Companies fund, on how their approach to ESG has evolved over recent years, the attitude of investee companies towards these matters and the companies leading the way. 

Learn more about Amati's values and approach to ESG considerations here.


Don't have time to watch the full video, jump to your favourite part:

  • 00:25 - ESG matters have long been considered in the research process at Amati, how have these evolved over recent years?

  • 04:35 - So what you’re saying is that to apply a blanket exclusion in certain areas isn’t the route you would advocate?

  • 10:00 - When you’re talking to investee companies, what are their attitudes towards that sort of view?

  • 12:20 - Data has become an increasingly important factor within in ESG analysis, how much weight do you place on this?

  • 15:15 - Is it becoming a distraction, particularly for the smaller companies where resources are smaller?

  • 17:30 - Are there any types of companies that you’re speaking to that are leading the way relative to other industries?

  • 19:05 - Are there any final comments you’d like to make?


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