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Doing the thing right or doing the right thing?

10 Mar, 2021 | Return|

Responsible investment continues to move to the forefront of the investment industry. Driven by both investors who want to know where their savings have been invested and why, and the gradual realisation from fund managers that environmental, social and governance factors can, and likely will, have a material impact on the share price and viability of companies moving forward.

At Square Mile, we view Responsible investment as an umbrella term from which stems a spectrum of differing investment approaches, ranging from those that exclude certain securities or sectors to those that are focused on delivering positive and measurable impact to society and the environment.

In our recent event, The Journey from ESG Impact, we focussed on the latter, impact investing, which is beginning to gain traction in the retail space. Hosted by John Fleetwood, Square Mile's Director of Responsible and Sustainable Investing, we were joined by our three sponsors, Aberdeen Standard Investments, Columbia Threadneedle Investments and M&G Investments, to discuss how they interpret impact investing, how investors can differentiate between impact funds and how reporting can benefit advisers and their clients.

Please use the chapter icon, in the bottom right hand corner of the video below, to navigate through the discussion.


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