Square Mile Investment Consulting & Research today announces two new entrants to the Academy of Funds.

The FP CRUX European and FP CRUX European Special Situations funds, managed by Richard Pease and James Milne, have been introduced on the Academy of Funds, with each awarded the highest AAA rating.

The Academy of Funds is a dedicated section within Square Mile's website, where advisers can access analysis on all recommended funds. Each fund carries a rating - A, AA, AAA, R or P+ - as a mark of quality and a reflection of the level of conviction Square Mile's team of analysts has in a fund's ability to deliver on expectations.

Amaya Assan, Senior Investment Research Analyst at Square Mile said of the funds, "We are pleased to introduce the FP CRUX European and FP CRUX European Special Situations into our Academy of Funds.

We have a high regard for veteran manager, Richard Pease, who has a wealth of knowledge of companies and financial markets which he has gained through his 30 years in the industry. He works closely on both funds with co-manager, James Milne, to identify good quality businesses that are cash generative, possessing an edge that their competitors find difficult to assail and run by management teams with proven track records.

Intuitively this seems an attractive strategy but very few managers have the experience and ability to apply the process with sufficient rigour to ensure success. As such, we have awarded the funds with our highest rating, AAA."