Square Mile Investment Consulting & Research has added the TwentyFour Absolute Return Credit fund to its Academy of Funds, awarding it a Positive Prospect rating.

The Academy of Funds is a dedicated section within Square Mile's website, where advisers can access analysis on all recommended funds. Each fund carries a rating - A, AA, AAA, R or P+ - as a mark of quality and a reflection of the level of conviction Square Mile's team of analysts has in a fund's ability to deliver on expectations.

Commenting on the TwentyFour Absolute Return Credit fund, Amaya Assan, Senior Investment Research Analyst at Square Mile, said:

"We are pleased to introduce the TwentyFour Absolute Return Credit fund to Square Mile's Academy of Funds. This new, outcome-based proposition, seeks to generate steady, absolute returns above cash through investment in global fixed income markets, whilst keeping to a modest level of volatility.

It benefits from the expertise of a seasoned investor, Chris Bowie, for whom we have a high regard. Mr Bowie works closely with co-manager Gordon Shannon and they aim to meet the fund's objectives by investing primarily in short-dated investment grade securities, and hedging techniques will be utilised to manage both credit and interest rate exposures. Whilst we have a positive view on the fund, given the short history (the fund was launched in August 2015), we would like to build a much longer-term conviction. For this reason, we have awarded the fund a Positive Prospect Rating."