Square Mile Investment Consulting & Research confirms the rerating of the GS Growth & Emerging Markets Broad Equity Portfolio fund: the Fund has been upgraded from a Positive Prospect Rating to an AA rating, evidence of the confidence Square Mile has in the Fund reaching its stated objectives over an investment cycle.

Square Mile's recommended funds, which sit within the Academy of Funds, carry a rating - A, AA, AAA, R or P+ - as reflection of the level of conviction Square Mile's team of analysts has in a fund's ability to deliver on expectations. Square Mile's independent, qualitative research is designed to offer advisers a solid foundation for client investment propositions and recommendations.

Commenting on the GS Growth & Emerging Markets Broad Equity Portfolio fund, Amaya Assan, Senior Investment Research Analyst at Square Mile, said:

"We are pleased to award an AA Rating to the GS Growth & Emerging Markets Broad Equity Portfolio. The fund previously held a Positive Prospect Rating. We think very highly of the manager Prashant Khemka who took charge of the fund in 2013. He has transformed the way this fund has been managed and we have a high degree of confidence in his ability to duplicate the success of his Indian strategy in a wider mandate."