Square Mile Investment Consulting & Research confirms it is to reinstate the Henderson Multi Manager Income & Growth fund to an A-rating, and a Recommended rating to the Henderson Core Multi Asset Solutions Range of Funds, which includes Core 3 Income, Core 4 Income, Core 5 Income and Core 6 Income Growth Funds.

Funds within the Square Mile Academy of Funds carry a rating – A, AA, AAA, Recommended or P+ – as reflection of the level of conviction Square Mile’s team of analysts has in a fund’s ability to deliver on expectations. Square Mile’s independent, qualitative research is designed to offer advisers a solid foundation for client investment propositions and recommendations.

Commenting on the Henderson Multi Manager Income & Growth Fund and Henderson Core Multi Asset Solutions Funds, Alex Farlow, Head of Risk Based Solutions Research at Square Mile said:

“Following a meeting with Henderson to discuss the departure of Bill McQuaker, co-head of multi asset, we are comfortable that the team remains adequately resourced and that it should not be significantly disrupted by this loss. The team adopts a highly collegiate approach and all the funds are very much managed on this basis. Having previously worked alongside Mr McQuaker as co-head of the team, Paul O'Connor is now sole head of multi asset. He is an experienced practitioner and brings a wealth of knowledge to the role. We are also reassured by the level of continuity that will be maintained with regard to the day to day running of the funds, with Chris Forgan and Helen Bradshaw being involved for a number of years.”

To view Alex Farlow offering a brief overview of the Henderson Multi Manager Income & Growth Fund in a Fund Snapshot, see below: