Square Mile Investment Consulting & Research has added the Jupiter Distribution fund to its Academy of Funds, awarding it an A rating. The fund seeks to provide a sustainable level of income and the prospect of capital growth over the long term by investing in an actively balanced portfolio of fixed interest securities.

The Academy of Funds is a dedicated section within Square Mile's website, where advisers can access analysis on all recommended funds. Each fund carries a rating - A, AA, AAA, R or P+ - as a mark of quality and a reflection of the level of conviction Square Mile's team of analysts has in a fund's ability to deliver on expectations.

Commenting on the Jupiter Distribution Fund, Alex Farlow, Square Mile's Head of Risk Based Solutions Research, said:

"We believe this fund may have some appeal for the more risk adverse investor. The experienced managers are very aware of the investor base and seek to minimise permanent loss of capital. Although essentially run as two separate sub-portfolios, the managers' integrated approach helps inform their respective investment processes and leads to a deeper understanding of overall portfolio risk. This is implemented within the bond portfolio by investing in the debt of reliable businesses which have sensible longer term strategies and where the manager feels comfortable holding each issue for the duration of its term. On the equity side, the emphasis is on higher quality dividend paying companies which are trading below their perceived value.

We feel the collegiate approach of the managers, the integrated manner within which they work and their understanding of the investor base are a compelling combination for a fund such as this."