Neptune European Opportunities

We have unfortunately decided to remove the Neptune European Opportunities fund from our Academy of Funds. Whilst this is an ambitious fund that at times can take aggressive positions, and the manager is a conviction investor who takes input from both macro and micro economic sources, we have become concerned with the overall risk profile of the strategy, which has been increasing in recent years. This has resulted in us losing confidence in the manager's ability to meet his longer-term performance objectives and for this reason we are removing the fund from our Academy of Funds.

Jupiter Japan Income

As of today we have chosen to remove the Jupiter Japan Income fund from our Academy of Funds. 

We had previously suspended our rating of this fund following the news of Simon Somerville's departure, the strategy's previous manager. Since then we have met with Dan Carter, who has been at Jupiter since 2008 and is the newly promoted lead manager. Whilst we have a high regard for Mr Carter, who will continue to invest with the same successful investment ethos and approach, we have decided to remove the fund's rating in order to allow time for us to monitor Mr Carter's progress. We are also awaiting to see if any extra resource will be added in time, an aspect we shall also then have to review and take into consideration.