We are pleased to announce the addition of the Cornelian Risk Managed Range to the Square Mile Academy of Funds and have awarded a Recommended rating. The rating has been awarded to five funds; Cornelian Defensive, Cautious, Managed Growth, Growth and Progressive.

We believe this range represents a robust proposition for investors and has a number of areas of differentiation compared to other risk targeted funds. We like the clear, measurable and tangible performance target that each fund has and the link to real capital appreciation. The volatility ceiling which each fund has also helps to manage investor risk aspirations, however, unlike most other risk targeted funds, there is no lower volatility floor. The fund manager Hector Kilpatrick has shown over the years that he is a capable investor and has been able to benefit from the unconstrained approach and the significant amount of investment freedom he is afforded, particularly when managing the level of capital drawdown. This could be an attractive option for investors who require a real return on their capital along with some certainty around the level of risk they are taking.