It is with sadness that we announce the removal of the Kames High Yield Bond fund and the Kames Strategic Bond fund from the Square Mile Academy of funds following the news that David Roberts, Head of Fixed Income, and Phil Milburn, Head of Fixed Income Investment Strategy, would both be leaving the company.

Mr Roberts and Mr Milburn were both named managers on the Kames Strategic Bond fund, along with Juan Valenzuela who remains a manager on the fund. We will seek to meet with the new co-manager, Alex Pelteshki, as soon as possible, but in the meantime feel it more prudent to remove our rating on the fund.

Mr Milburn was also co-manager of the Kames High Yield Bond fund, having run it since soon after its launch. Fellow co-manager, David Ennett, remains at Kames but has only been named as co-manager for a year. We therefore feel it more prudent in this case too to remove the rating.

Mr Roberts was also named as co-manager on the Kames Sterling Corporate Bond fund, alongside Iain Buckle. In this case we feel confident in maintaining our AA rating on the fund as Mr Buckle is an experienced investor in himself and benefits from the support of the strong investment grade bond team at Kames Capital.

All other ratings on Kames’ fixed income funds remain unchanged.

We would like to take this opportunity to wish both Mr Roberts and Mr Milburn all the very best for the future.