This video features Richard Romer-Lee's Q&A session with Neil Woodford, Woodford Investment Management at the Cofunds Investment Conference on 20 June 2017. They discuss reasons to be positive post-election, the risks to the global economy, strategies for a total return outcome and is small cap investing a missed opportunity?

If you would like to see specific sections of this video please find the timings below:

Post-election reasons to be positive (from 00:04)
Giving his broad market outlook, Woodford envisages "more serious challenges for the UK economy in the longer term than the issues in and around Brexit."

Risks to the global economy (from 3:38)
"I'm significantly more cautious than consensus on the global outlook."

Strategies for a total return outcome (from 5:21)
"Banks in the UK started lending money. That to my mind was a very important signal that they had repaired their balance sheets and had adequate capital."

Small cap investing - a missed opportunity? (from 9:31)
"International investors have worked out that there is this unbelievable resource - British Technology developed in some of the world's best universities."

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