We are pleased to introduce the Stewart Investors Indian Subcontinent fund with a AA rating and the Pimco Global Libor Plus fund with a 'Positive Prospect' rating into the Square Mile Academy of Funds.

Stewart Investors Indian Subcontinent fund recently re-opened for investment, in December 2017, and is run by a management team who we know well and have a high regard for. The Indian subcontinent is home to a large and growing universe of quality companies who often have long-term time horizons, and are successfully investing in the region's sustainable development, which is central to the team's philosophy. We think this is a strategy that tries to address some of the varied risks that investors may face in this part of the world, through a process that is disciplined, thoughtful and focused on the long term. We see this strategy as an attractive long-term offering that might appeal to investors seeking a considered exposure to this subcontinent.

The Pimco Global Libor Plus fund is differentiated in seeking to preserve investor capital by investing in a combination of money market and fixed interest instruments. It is run by experienced managers and leans heavily upon PIMCO's tried and tested investment process.

We have high hopes for this defensive fund and believe that it could be particularly pertinent at this stage of the market cycle for investors, given elevated valuations across investment markets. That said, the fund will not necessarily be immune from drawdowns if challenging market environments materialise.

At this point we have opted for a 'Positive Prospect' recommendation on this fund as we seek to build further confidence in the management team of this relatively new fund (launched January 2016).