We are pleased to introduce the Liontrust UK Smaller Companies fund with a AA rating and TwentyFour Strategic Income fund with an A rating into the Square Mile Academy of Funds.

The Liontrust UK Smaller Companies fund is managed by Liontrust's Economic Advantage team who are well known to us through our coverage of their Special Situations strategy. In Anthony Cross, this fund draws on a highly experienced investor who has been associated with it for over 20 years. We have also closely monitored the progress of Mr Cross' fellow co-managers, Victoria Stevens and Matthew Tonge, who were added to the team in 2015.

Overall, this is an impressive offering that benefits from an investment process we hold in high regard and we believe this fund is a strong addition to our Academy.

Commenting on the TwentyFour Strategic Income fund Victoria Hasler, Head of Research, said "We have a lot of respect for the team at TwentyFour Asset Management. Over the last ten years they have built up a strong reputation for managing a variety of specialist fixed income mandates, and have attracted some talented managers. The Strategic Income fund is their most flexible fund yet, and allows them to take advantage of opportunities across the fixed income universe including government and corporate bonds, as well as hybrid credit and asset backed securities. The managers are aiming to produce total returns of 5-7% p.a. after fees, over a market cycle, which we believe they should be capable of given the wide opportunity set which the fund has, combined with the strong credit selection and macroeconomic expertise for which the team are known."