We are delighted to announce the rating of three new funds to the Square Mile Academy of Funds. We have awarded the Newton Global Dynamic Bond Income fund an 'A' rating, the L&G Cash Trust a 'Recommended' rating and the Matthew Asia Asia ex Japan Dividend a 'Positive Prospect' rating.

The Newton Global Dynamic Bond Income fund is a natural extension of the already rated Newton Global Dynamic Bond fund. The fund's managers invest across global government and corporate bond markets in an attempt to provide a relatively high income stream to investors. Whilst a reasonably new strategy we believe the fund has both the team and process in place to provide investors with a healthy income stream in most market environments.

The L&G Cash Trust is the first money market fund that we have added to our Academy of Funds. We believe that whilst at the lowest risk/return end of investor portfolios, the management of cash balances is best performed by specialist money market investors, such as the team at L&G. The fund seeks to preserve investor capital by investing in short term cash deposits and other high quality money market instruments. The team's impressive performance track record, alongside relatively low fees for investors, make us confident this fund will remain a safe haven for investors' capital. Investors should of course remember that any investment returns generated in the fund will be very small and outside of the fund's core objective of capital preservation.

We have a high regard for the management team of the Matthews Asia Asia ex Japan Dividend fund and their rigorous approach to investing in this region. This fund is currently small in size but the managers also run a much larger pool of assets investing in Asia including Japan with a similar investment philosophy and process. We see this fund as a promising long-term offering and as such have awarded a Positive Prospect Rating.