We are delighted to announce the rating of three new funds to the Square Mile Academy of Funds. We have awarded the Liontrust Strategic Bond fund a 'P+' rating, the Old Mutual Asia Pacific and the Old Mutual Global Equity Income both an 'A' rating.

The Liontrust Strategic Bond fund, is a new fund for Liontrust, it is run by a small team of highly experienced managers, and what they lack in track record on this mandate they make up for in expertise in our view.

Both the Old Mutual Global Equity Income and Old Mutual Asia Pacific funds are managed by Old Mutual's Global Investors systematic investment team who are well known to us through our coverage of their Global and North American equity strategies. All four funds are managed through a systematic process that uses rules and risk controls to make trading decisions in a methodical way. We like the fact that investment decisions are based on a level of quantitative analysis which naturally helps the managers remove certain behavioural biases, and be dispassionate about where the portfolio is invested. Overall, both funds are strong offerings that benefit from an investment process we hold in high regard and we believe this fund is a good addition to our Academy.