We are very pleased to announce that we have introduced the Troy Trojan fund into the Academy of Funds at an AA rating.

Investors in the fund benefit from a seasoned portfolio manager that has followed a tried and tested investment process since the fund was launched in 2001. He is supported by a strong and experienced team, who all share the same investment philosophy as well as investment ideas. We like the manager's longer-term approach, which means he is not distracted by short-term relative performance. This allows him to be patient and help preserve investors' capital during periods when risks are high and take on more risk when the risk-return potential is more favourable.

Over the long-term the fund has provided returns that have been significantly ahead of the UK equity market, with a lower level of volatility. The manager's approach is a simple and transparent one, which we believe will appeal to many investors. We think this fund is a strong proposition for investors seeking a level of return similar to that of equities over the long term, but are uncomfortable with the level of risk typically associated with investing in this asset class.