Online wealth manager Tiller Investments Ltd (Tiller) has appointed Square Mile Investment Consulting and Research (Square Mile) to support its asset allocation and portfolio development process.

In addition to reviewing the 'fund universe' available to the firm's model portfolios, Square Mile will work with Tiller to make sure that the portfolios align with the expected outputs against clients' risk profiles.

Square Mile will use its Academy of Funds - a selection of funds which have been through its research process - to help Tiller compile a white list of active funds which would be suitable for the firm's model portfolio range compiled of its Smart and Select portfolios.

Jonathan Wauton, CIO at Tiller said: "We harness advanced technology and expert judgement to actively manage our portfolios to give them the best possible chance to perform, and ensure they meet clients' risk appetites. By partnering with Square Mile we believe we are harnessing 'best in class' expertise on behalf of our clients."

Richard Romer-Lee, Square Mile's Managing Director commented: "Online wealth management is on an upward trend and it's exciting for Square Mile to be partnering with an exciting brand like Tiller to support and enhance its investment capabilities. Our in-depth research and strong due diligence processes will help strengthen Tiller's offering to clients."