We are pleased to introduce the Comgest Growth Japan fund into the Academy of Funds with an A rating and also the Legg Mason IF RARE Global Infrastructure Income fund with a AA rating.

The Comgest Growth Japan fund is managed by Chantana Ward and Richard Kaye and is focused on delivering long-term capital growth by investing in high quality and growing Japanese companies. We hold the managers and their process in high regard and believe this to be an attractive offering for those investors looking to make a long-term allocation to Japanese equities.

The Legg Mason IF RARE Global Infrastructure Income fund seeks to provide a high and growing income stream (aiming to achieve a yield of c.5% p.a.) and a total return that outpaces OECD G7 inflation, over rolling five-year periods. The managers aim to do so through a globally diversified portfolio of high quality listed infrastructure securities. The fund is relevant for a number of investor outcomes, offering the potential for capital accumulation, income which should grow in real terms over time and protection from inflation over the longer term.

We like that this is a strategy that is run by a firm and team with an impressive heritage and expertise in investing in this asset class. Furthermore, it is managed with a straight-forward and well-defined investment process and with a clear focus on risk. Ultimately, over the long term, the team aim to provide a stable series of returns and, when combined with the natural defensiveness of this asset class, we would expect the fund to operate with lower levels of risk when compared to broader equity markets. It therefore should be an attractive option for income seeking investors and one which can help bring an element of diversification to portfolios.