Please note that the manager of the Schroder Asian Alpha Plus fund, Matthew Dobbs, will be retiring next year. He is going to hand over the responsibility of managing this fund to Richard Sennitt at the end of Q1 next year, before officially retiring at the end of 2021. Mr Sennitt has worked closely with Mr Dobbs for many years and indeed the two have been deputy to each other's Asian funds since 2007. Mr Sennitt is also the manager of the Schroder Asian Income fund, which holds a AA rating in our Academy of Funds. The Schroder Asian Alpha Plus fund also has a AA rating, which remains unchanged for now. We hold both managers in high regard and will be looking to have a meeting with the pair in the coming weeks to discuss their plans in regards to the transition period and impending change of fund manager responsibilities. We will update investors post this meeting with our insights on the two funds.