We have decided to remove the Matthews China Small Companies and Matthews Asia Small Companies funds from our Academy of Funds, following recent news of the impending departures of lead manager for the two funds, Tiffany Hsiao, as well as YuanYuan Ji, co-manager of the China Small Companies fund, and Beini Zhou, co-manager of the Asia Small Companies fund. The trio are departing the investment group on the 31st August to pursue other opportunities.

Effective 31st August, the Matthews China Small Companies fund will be managed by Winnie Chwang and Andrew Mattock, who are also responsible for the multi-cap Matthews China strategy. The Matthews Asia Small Companies fund will be managed by Vivek Tanneeru, who is also the lead manager of the Matthews Asia ESG fund. Ultimately, we believe the departures of the key individuals involved in these small cap strategies is significant. We have therefore decided to remove the two funds from our Academy.