The following Premier funds, which are part of the Square Mile Academy of funds, changed name on 1 December 2014.

Premier Conservative Growth to Premier Multi Asset Conservative Growth

Premier Multi Asset Income & Growth to Premier Multi Asset Growth & Income

There has been no change to the underlying investment process or investment team and therefore the Square Mile A rating for each fund remains unchanged.

Additionally, the Multi Asset Growth & Income fund has had a slight change of objective to reflect that an increasing proportion of the returns are coming from capital growth. The old and new objectives have been provided below.

New Objective 'The fund aims to grow the value of an original investment over the long term and provide investors with an income.'

Old Objective 'The aim of the fund is to give you an income, paid to you twice a year, and grow the value of your original investment over the long term.'

Again, this minor change does not affect our rating for the fund.