Square Mile Investment Consulting & Research (Square Mile) has upgraded First State Worldwide Sustainability Fund's Positive Prospect listing to an A-rating. Funds ranked "Positive Prospect" have strong potential in Square Mile's view, but where the manager, strategy or process might still be unproven in differing market conditions. This new A-rating reaffirms Square Mile's confidence in the fund.

Housed within a dedicated section on the Square Mile website, and free for all advisers to access, recommended funds carry a rating - A, AA, AAA, R or P+ - as a mark of quality and a reflection of the level of conviction Square Mile has in a fund's ability to deliver on expectations.

Commenting on the addition, Square Mile's Senior Investment Research Analyst Amaya Assan said:

"The First State Worldwide Sustainability fund was launched in November 2012 using the same highly successful approach as First State's Asian and Emerging Market strategies, but applying it on a global stage. Our conviction in the offering, and in particular in the transposition of the process to a global universe, has grown with the evolution of the portfolio, which has stayed true to the team's strong investment culture."

"The lead manager David Gait and his team seek to identify quality businesses that are best positioned to contribute to and benefit from sustainable development worldwide over the next ten years. We see the fund as a very attractive choice for the long-term investor who is looking for a global portfolio of high quality equity investments."