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Attitude To Risk (ATR) Tools, Suitability and The Regulator

We recently finished a tour with the Sense Network and, after travelling 2,000 miles to see 200 advisers across eight venues, one overriding theme came through loud and clear (though admittedly we asked some leading questions): suitability.

It is abundantly clear that, while there is a drive towards the de-risking and operational efficiency that a combined attitude to risk (ATR) and centralised investment proposition (CIP) strategy affords, there is also a strong sense of unease over where the regulator will go next on suitability. Benjamin Franklin said nothing was certain except death and taxes. I'd add regulation.

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Five funds to benefit from European tailwinds

Europe appears to be in fashion at the moment. Short-term tailwinds, such as euro weakness, monetary stimulus and the fall in oil prices, have all been factors which the market has looked upon favourably.

For those wishing to invest, the asset class has a number of compelling fund managers. They share common characteristics which we like to see: experience of companies and markets; consistency in the application of their investment philosophy and approach; well-constructed portfolios with a sensible view on risk and strategies that have proven to work over time.

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Square Mile adds Income History graphs to factsheets

Square Mile Investment Consulting & Research today announces the introduction of Income History graphs to its factsheets, on the back of increasing investor demand for dividend-paying investments. The updates relate to those funds which have an Income outcome, and at least three years of distribution history.

The new Income History graphs show the amount of income, in pounds, which an investor would have received from a £1000 investment in any given fund. Investors will be able to use these graphs to see how a vehicle's absolute income has increased or decreased over time.

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