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VT Downing European Unconstrained Income fund rewarded Positive Prospect rating

Posted @ 28/09/2021 14:02 Posted in Ratings Roundup

We are pleased to introduce the VT Downing European Unconstrained Income fund into our Academy of Funds with a Positive Prospect rating. This fund was launched in November 2020 for portfolio managers, Mike Clements and Pras Jeyanandhan. They are long-term investors who have a contrarian approach, essentially seeking to buy a short list of companies that they believe are of a high quality but when they are out of favour or off investors' radars. There is a strong focus on trying to understand what could possibly go wrong with the business model over the next five years and their research work is very comprehensive. We like that the fund will look very different to its peers, though offering diversification benefits for those long-term oriented investors who are seeking a differentiated strategy, that would sit as a complementary source of income and growth alongside their core strategies. We think the strategy has a lot of promising features aimed at investors who are looking for a total return, value focused, concentrated European ex UK vehicle.