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Square Mile’s Research Process

Through a combination of regular discussions with fund managers and qualitative and quantitative analysis, our research team’s focus is to identify strategies, both funds and investment trusts, capable of meeting their investment objectives over the long term. Take a look our a rigorous research process and range of ratings across funds and investment trusts.

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Our approach to passives

We consider the various approaches but seek to identify the best-in-class passive fund solutions. Take a look at how we assess passive strategies through our research.

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3D Methodology

3D Investing is designed to support the fund selection process by assessing responsible investment funds against the framework of do good, avoid doing harm and lead change.

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Fund Dashboard: Performance Methodology

A representation of a strategy’s absolute annualised return over 3 years, or since inception if the fund's history is shorter. If the primary output is income, the current yield is shown instead. In addition, the fund's success is shown as a percentage of time it has achieved its investment objective or Square Mile's expected outcome over the stipulated time frame. Read how the team determine these metrics in this methodology.

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Fund Dashboard: Risk Methodology

An assessment of the risk of the fund and the asset class in which it invests. The strategy’s maximum drawdown during the last 3 years or 1 year if the strategy has a shorter history. Read how the team determine these metrics in this methodology.

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Fund Dashboard: Cost Methodology

An overview of the strategy’s ongoing charges, its ex-ante transaction costs and the total cost of ownership, provided by fund managers' data teams to Refinitiv. The comparison, as illustrated by the value-o-meter, shows strategies in the same peer group on a like-for-like basis i.e. active vs. active and passive vs. passive. Read how the team determine these metrics in this methodology.

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