3D Investing

3D Investing

The investment industry has seen a seismic shift towards responsible investment, with a multiplicity of funds claiming to invest positively or with impact. This growth in the market and the diversity of approaches being used has led to widespread accusations of ‘greenwashing’.

3D Investing aims to meet this challenge by providing independent verification that a fund and company lives up to its responsible investment claims by profiling them according to the 3D Investing framework:

  1. Do good: By investing in solutions to global social and environmental challenges that make a significant positive contribution to the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

  2. Avoid harm: By not investing in companies that make a
    significant negative contribution.

  3. Lead change: By engaging with investee companies, co-operation with other investors and change activists, and through informing opinion.

The 3D Investing accreditations provide an extensive evidence-based audit, offering an independent verification of a fund or company's responsible investment credentials and credibility. These accreditations include:

  1. 3D Corporate Certification: An independent audit of the quality of ESG standards of an asset manager, helping to identify leaders in Responsible Investment.

  2. 3D Fund Certification: An independent verification of the extent to which funds meet their Responsible Investment objectives.

  3. 3D Impact Rating: An additional rating for certified funds that meet a minimum threshold for positive social and environmental impact.


The 3D Investing accreditations have recently undergone a refresh, in order to respond to a changing market and ensure they remain relevant and sustainable into the future.

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