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Square Mile's Q1 MI Report: Who's in first place?

19 Apr, 2022 | Return|

Concerns over spiralling levels of inflation globally has led to continued interest in Inflation Protection as an investment outcome according to Square Mile's latest quarterly Market Intelligence Report. While Capital Accumulation was the most searched outcome, with 44.9% of views, Inflation Protection continued to gain ground accounting for 17.4% of all views, up from 14.5% in Q4 2021, with BNY Mellon Long Term Global Equity being the most researched fund offering this investment outcome. Meanwhile, research on Income-oriented funds fell back considerably, dropping from 32.9% to 23.2%.

Square Mile's MI Report records the viewing patterns among advisers visiting the Academy of Funds, a depository of insight and opinion on all 334 Square Mile funds rated by the company's 20-strong team of analysts (as at 31.3.22). In Q1, there were 47,999 unique website visitors and 77,278 page views.

Over Q1, research on Responsible Investment funds accounted for just under a quarter of all views of the Academy of funds, totalling some 10,800 visits. Among these solutions, the Royal London Sustainable World Trust was the most popular, with 12.2% of all views, while the FSSA Greater China Growth, FSSA Asia Focus, Threadneedle UK Social Bond and Liontrust Sustainable Future Managed funds made up the remaining top five. On Square Mile's Fund Dashboard, there was a significant uptick in interest in the ESG pillar, with views doubling from 21% to 42.6% in Q4 2021 to Q1 2022 respectively.

There were two new entrants within the top three most popular fund groups over the quarter: First Sentier entered in pole position at 7.5%, up 3.1% on Q4 2021, followed by Baillie Gifford at 7.4%. Schroders remained in the top three in third place.

There was also a change in the top viewed IA sectors over Q1, with the IA UK All Companies being the most searched for in our Academy of Funds at 11.4%, pushing the IA Sterling Strategic Bond into second place. Whilst IA UK Equity Income and IA Mixed 20-60% Shares remain popular, their share of views have reduced in Q1 from Q4, landing third (8.7%) and fifth (7.9%), respectively. Equity remained the most viewed asset class with 51.7% of views while there was a continued decline in search for Fixed Income over previous quarters, with a further drop from 27.0% from 23.7% in Q4 to Q1 respectively.

For a quick snapshot of the findings from Square Mile's Q1 2022 Market Intelligence Report, download the summary reportIf you would like more information, get in touch.



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