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Responsible investment regulation, what does it mean?

17 Dec, 2020 | Return|

The regulatory landscape continues to change, what does the guidance mean for you and your clients?

In the final event of the ESG Pathway series, we were joined by Simmons & Simmons trio, Harald Glander, Daniel Lühmann and Catherine Weeks, who outlined the Responsible investment regulations to be considered as we head into 2021.

With the EU Taxonomy and SFDR coming into force, for Europe at least; there is still confusion around what this means for the UK following Brexit, but it is likely there will be an equivalent. During the session, they discussed the level of disclosure requirements and transparency that companies and products will need to adhere to comply with SFDR from March. In addition, they explored the changes around MiFID II suitability tests, requiring advisers to ask their clients about their sustainability preference, as well as ensure systems are in place to deliver on their preferences.

Watch the short highlights below, or you can catch up on the full event here.

For a quick summary of what was covered in the event, read ESG Clarity's Roundup.


For further insight from the ESG Pathway series:


The need for consistent language: Hear from Jess Foulds, Policy Specialist at The Investment Association as she outlines what they have been doing in conjunction with the asset management industry to address the need for consistency in order to meet the forthcoming regulation.

The adviser experience: We were joined by two panels of advisers to discuss how they have started their journeys towards ESG integration and Responsible investment, the evolution of their client conversations and how they are avoiding ‘greenwashed’ funds.

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