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A Spotlight On: Multi Asset

23 Apr, 2024 | Return|

"One of the things that I find so fascinating at the moment is that there is a wide disparity in opinions in terms of what people think for both asset markets and the economy, but contrast that with what's priced…so many people are pricing one outcome.

Last year, everyone expected there to be a recession, but there was a wide variety in what different asset prices were expecting. Now, at the moment, you have a wide disparity of views, but a very high degree of certainty in asset pricing. So I think if the views are right, then there's got to be some sort of adjustment in some asset classes."

This month, the spotlight was on Multi-Asset and Alex Farlow was joined by Alex Lennard (Ruffer), Matt Parkinson (Waverton) and Tara Jameson (Schroders) to discuss:

  • How they are positioned and the rationale for this.

  • Which asset classes look attractive and how they are expressing risk within the portfolio.

  • The biggest concern over the coming year.

  • What impact elections are likely to have on economic growth/markets.

Watch the full panel discussion below:



Out of sight, out of mind

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