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From Asia to LatAm we unravel emerging markets

30 May, 2024 | Return|

In conversation with Square Mile’s Jock Glover, James Donald, Head of Emerging Markets at Lazard Asset Management shares some valuable insights into the dynamic landscape of the emerging markets universe. James shares his thoughts on finding profitable companies in the EM region, managing a value-focused approach and beneficial sectors and countries right now.



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01:20: How easy is it to find profitable companies at reasonable valuations in the EM region? 
02:20: From your perspective, how has it been managing emerging markets with a value-focused approach?
05:40: Which sectors or countries are you finding profitable companies in?
09:11: Would a return to 3% to 5% inflation and corresponding interest rates benefit quality undervalued companies in emerging markets?
10:33: How do you divide your tasks with your team between research and meeting with managers?
14:05: What are the key themes in the portfolio?
18:05: Do you have an interesting statistic from the last week?

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