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Impact investing: What to look out for

09 Mar, 2021 | Return|

Responsible investment can be viewed as a spectrum of approaches, commonly known as the Spectrum of Capital. This has been used across the industry to help fund management groups demonstrate where their products fit, how they relate to Responsible investment and what clients can expect. It can be used to demonstrate how one demonstrates from traditional fund management to the opportunity to drive real change, in terms of investing in sustainable and impact strategies.

Square Mile and 3D Investing recognise that investors have broad and differing needs in this space, with some seeking guidance or opinion and others requiring independent and objective verification of a fund's credentials and credibility. As such, we have maintained our distinct approaches to fund research.

In this short video, Square Mile's Responsible investment team share their thoughts on what we look for when assessing impact investments.


Responsible Investment at Square Mile

We are committed to building a common language around Responsible investment, based on our view that Responsible investment can be used as a catch-all for using investment as a force for positive change.

Square Mile and 3D Investing share a common goal; to you identify the right fund or fund manager to help meet your client's aspirations.



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