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The Good Investment Review: Why you should stay invested

03 Oct, 2022 | Return|


The attraction of using money to do good is undeniable and the previous strong performance of Responsible Investment (RI) funds has accelerated the impetus to invest in this way. More recently, however, the market environment has not favoured such strategies, with many RI classified companies performing poorly. In a market increasingly focused on short-term returns, this has led to some concern amongst investors.

For this latest edition of The Good Investment Review, Good With Money and 3D Investing have partnered with The Big Exchange. Through this additional partnership, we hope to provide a trusted source of information and provide greater clarity and transparency into the world of RI, as well as exploring how we can improve investor trust in this area of the market through emphasising the importance of RI and focusing on what RI funds are designed to do over a wider horizon.

The review begins with an interview with 3D Investing’s Anna Mercer and CEO of The Big Exchange, Abi Sater, which details the driving forces behind RI, the current RI trends, and their predictions on how these will move forward in the coming years.

These themes are furthermore explored by our sponsors in the articles below: 

Download a copy of the October edition of The Good Investment Review below. We hope you enjoy reading this latest edition, if you have any questions or would like to discuss any aspects of the review in more detail, please do not hesitate to contact us.



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